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Do you have documents you need translated into English?

I can help you...

I have translated more than 600 documents from Spanish and French into English such as

  • civil registry documents (birth, death, and marriage certificates as well as divorce decrees)

  • declarations

  • police reports

  • letter of support

  • newspaper articles

  • medical & psychological reports

  • and more....

These translations were presented as evidence in cases before the immigration court and USCIS.


What factors determine the cost of a translation?

The number of pages, the deadline, the complexity of the terminology used, and whether the document is hand-written all factor into the final cost of the translation.

To get an exact price, it is best to send me the document you need translated and indicate when the deadline is.

Does a translation need to be notarized?

No, the U.S. government—the immigration courts and USCIS—do not require translations to be notarized.

However, in addition to the original, translation must be accompanied by a translation certificate stating the person who did the translation is competent in English and the foreign language. It also must include that person's full name, address, and signature. 

What next....

Contact me


Send me a copy or photo of the document you want translated by e-mail or text message. Please include your contact information and by when you need the translation.


Make a payment

I will send a quote indicating how much the translation will cost. If you would like to do the translation, you will then make a payment by Venmo or—if you are in Knoxville—with cash or a money order.


Receive the translation

Once the document has been translated, I will send it to you as a PDF by e-mail along with a copy of the original and a translation certificate.

If you are in Knoxville, it is possible to make arrangements to pick up a physical copy.

To learn more or discuss potential projects, let's talk >>
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