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Professional ​

I help facilitate communication to achieve positive outcomes whether it is for an immigration consult or a presentation at a conference. I do so by interpreting my client's message with the same nuance as they use. In sum, I am a conference interpreter specializing in immigration who works between English and Spanish in addition to from French to English. 


English (A)

Spanish (B)

French (C)

Medical Interpreter & Translator (Spanish >< English)
East Tennessee Children's Hospital
Cherokee Health Systems
January 2021 - Present


  • Interpret remotely for medical and behavior appointments with adults and children.

  • Interpret at specialist appointments, in the Emergency Room, for diagnostic services, during physical therapy sessions, as well as pre- and post-surgery.

  • Translate discharge instructions for patients and families.

Legal Interpreter & Translator (Spanish >< English)
MIRA Legal
November 2017 - March 2020


  • Interpreted for consults and appointments about asylum, employer and family sponsorship, cancellation of removal, SIJS, VAWA, and TPS.

  • Translated evidence for immigration applications and court hearings including civil registry records, police reports, news articles, declarations, medical records, and psychological reports. 

Spanish Immigration Interpreter
June 2018 - February 2020
  • Interpreted for Spanish speaking clients during USCIS interviews for asylum, residency, and citizenship as well as during citizenship ceremonies. 
Professional Associations

American Translators Association



Microsoft Suite


CafeTran Expresso


Employee Benefits Meeting for a Bakery

English > Spanish  Consecutive  October 2017


Know Your Rights Presentation

Spanish > English  Simultaneous April 2017


Workshop on Lean Management with site visit to car parts company

English > Spanish  Simultaneous  March 2017


Too Big To Ignore Symposium on European Small-Scale Fisheries

Spanish > English  Simultaneous June 2016


Luncheon for Delegation from San Antonio

Spanish > English Whisper May 2016


“Tenerife as a Living Lab” Workshop

Spanish > English Whisper April 2016


Project Assessment Meeting

Spanish > English Whisper April 2016


Geneva International Model UN (GIMUN)

French > English  Simultaneous March 2015

Master of Conference Interpretation
University of La Laguna, Spain

Graduated in June 2016


Translation Certificate (Spanish/English)
University of California San Diego Extension

Completed in December 2016​


Bachelor of Arts, Comparative Languages & Linguistics

Earlham College

Graduated in May 2009


In Rabat, Morocco, studied  the political, economic, and humanitarian consequences of migration between Africa and Europe; conducted a Independent Study Project on the influence of education on rural-to-urban migration; studied Moroccan Arabic.


In Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, studied globalization, migration, and human rights culminating in a research paper in Spanish examining power relations and categorization of people as citizens or migrants on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Work Experience
In the field
Summer Program Coordinator & Recruiter
Migrant Education Program
Summer of 2014 & 2015


  • Coordinated student enrollment and follow-up with absent students. 

  • Created bus routes to maximize efficiency; ran routes with drivers.

  • Collaborated and coordinated with the school system for the use of their space, lunch delivery, and cleaning. 

  • Supervised and coordinated staff to ensure program success.

  • Evaluated and taught students through hands-on activities in accordance with state standards.

Regional Coordinator
Migrant Education Program

2012 - 2013


  • Developed material to train new tutors in providing hands-on instruction according to state standards; trained new tutors. 

  • Created lessons dealing with everyday situations to teach English to out-of-school youth. 

  • Initiated a project to map recruitment areas including the locations of fields, employers, businesses, and housing frequented by migrant workers.

  • Created a task force to improve inter-agency cooperation in the community. 

  • Translated documents as needed including a parent participation survey. 


  • Interviewed and trained new employees, tested their knowledge on eligibility questions, and taught them the ins and outs of recruiting in the field.

  • Supervised a team of recruiters and tutors including evaluating and providing them with constructive feedback.

  • Answered eligibility questions from staff as well as calls to the hotline concerning eligibility and community resources. 


  • Followed up on Occupational Surveys provided by school districts both in person and over the phone to determine student eligibility. 

  • Conducted re-interviews.

  • Traveled extensively to recruit in new areas without any prior information or maps.

  • Led Parent Advisory Council meetings and interactive activities for the students in attendance. 



English Language Assistant
Department of Education, France

2011 - 2012


  • Created and implemented lesson plans teaching English conversation to French-speaking middle school students in French Guiana; started and facilitated an English Club.


Bilingual Tutor & Recruiter

Migrant Education Program

2009 - 2011


  • Tutored K-12 students through hands-on activities and science experiments according to state academic standards.

  • Participated in the development of the tutoring program including how to maximize the number of students tutored.

  • Developed an initiative to use audiobooks on iPods in conjunction with the print books to promote literacy among migrant students. 

  • Led weeklong intensive Science Camps.

  • Trained parents in pre-K games and activities increasing kindergarten preparedness and parental involvement in educational “play.”

  • Recruited qualifying migrant families, both seasonal and temporary, at farms, residences, and businesses. 

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