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English ● Spanish ● French 

Consecutive Interpretation


Do you feel like your client is not getting it? Or, their answers don't match your questions?

Let me help. I understand both your client and immigration law, Thus, I can clearly and effectively, convey your message. Better communication leads to better case outcomes by getting everyone on the same page.

Evidence Translation for Asylum


If you need evidence translated from Spanish or French to send to immigration court or USCIS, I can give you a hand.


I have experience translating a variety of documents including, civil registry records, police reports, news articles, medical records, declarations, and psychological evaluations.

Immigration Language Consultant


If it is any another language, I can help. Some other services I provide include the following:

  • Reviewing evidence in Spanish and French for relevance;

  • Searching for additional evidence written in Spanish or French;

  • Interviewing clients to complete applications or declarations;

  • Finding and screening interpreters of other languages.

To learn more or discuss potential projects, let's talk >>
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